Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Apple Milkshake

Hi Readers.... I am writing one more recipe after a long time....I want to share milkshake with apple and nuts with you. We all know that apple keeps doctor away. I really don't like eating apple as it is so I tried this shake one day and it worked out well. It was tasty and delicious too..Hope people like me will enjoy drinking this shake.

For this preparation we need 2 apples, 1 Cup Milk, 1/2 Cup cold water, Honey, Cashew, Pista and badam. Cut apples into small pieces..In a blender add these cut pieces, water and milk and blend it into a smooth paste. Then add honey, cashew, pista and badam blend for 1/2min. Enjoy......

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pesara Boorelu/ Whole Moong Dumplings

Karthika Masam, the month of karthik is the holiest month for hindus. This total month is dedicated for Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Karthika Somavaram(Monday) is performed by devotees though out this month. Fasting from sunrise to sunset is undertaken by many devotees. Few perform Karthika Pournami(The full moon day).
Many perform 3rd Monday of this month. We Fast till the evening and serve Maha Naivedyam(Cooked rice, Dal, ghee, curries, Sweets, pulus, curd etc) to god Shiva.
I prepared Pesara Boorelu, as the sweet part of today's naivedyam, and would like to share this recipe to all my readers.

These Boorelu tastes yum and nutritious too.
Preparation Time: 30min.
Serves appr.: 4
Makes: 10- 15 dumplings.
Pesarlu/ Whole Moong: 1 Cup
Jaggery: 1 Cup
Water: 1 Cup
Rice: 2Cups
Urad Dal: 1Cup
Cardamom Powder: 1tsp.
Salt: 1/4tsp.
Oil to deep fry.


Soak Whole moong for 6-8hrs, rice and Urad dal together for at least 4-6 hours and grind them into very soft paste. The consistency should be thick like Dosa batter. Add salt to this batter, salt will enhance the sweetness of the dish. Boil soaked moong in a cooker for 3-4 whistles by adding water. Mash the cooked moong with a presser. Add jaggary at this point and cook on the stove for about 10minutes or until it becomes thick. Add Cardamom powder. Transfer the mixture into a plate and let it cool. Make small balls(small lemon size) and keep them aside. Heat oil in a deep frying pan, dip the sweet balls in to the batter mixture and remove them, the balls should take thin layer of batter on them. Then drop them gently into hot oil and fry till golden color approximately for 6-8 minutes (Flame should be medium high). Take them into tissue paper to absorb extra oil. Serve hot by adding little ghee on top or in the middle of each dumpling.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Semia Kesari

Hmmmm.....Semia Kesari, this is my moms favorite so she used to prepare this very often for any small occasions in my home. I used to call them sweet broken noodles. This recipe is very easy to prepare and tastes delicious. Today I want to share this recipe with all of my blog readers.

Preparation Time: 15 min.
Serves: 5


Semia /Vermicelli: 1 Cup
Sugar : 1 Cup
Cardamom powder: 1/2 tsp.
Ghee/ Clarified Butter: 3 tbsp.
Water: 1 1/2 Cup
Cashew and raisins

In a hot pan add ghee when hot fry cashew and raisins till golden color and keep them aside.
In the same pan fry vermicelli till golden brown then add water and boil till soft, then add sugar, cardamom powder mix well.
Can serve at this point or pour the mixture in to a greased pan and cut them when cool and serve.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Deepavali

Deepavali/ Diwali--- Row of lamps is one of the biggest festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness. We used to light Deepalu/ Diyas with cotton string wicks inserted in clay pots filled with oil. They say this signifies victory of good over the evil within an individual. In South India, naraka chathurdasi is celebrated before Diwali day. In Some areas a huge Narakasura dummy made with fire crackers will be burst by a person wearing the dress of Lord Krishna or more accurately, a costume of Satyabhama, the consort of Lord Krishna who actually killed the demon Narakasura; an event that is celebrated as Diwali for generations. Goddess Lakshmi is believed to visit homes that are well lit, so every one decorate their homes with Diyas, Rangoli on doorsteps. The evening of the Diwali is very special and colorful sight to watch with fire cracker.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stuffed Mirchi Bajji

Stuffed Mirchi Bajji (Mirapakaya Bajjelu) is a famous Hyderabadi street food. It is very easy to prepare and gives a Crispy and tangy taste. It can be served as a tea time snack or a starter. We get green chillies of different varieties I chose a variety with medium chilli. The preparation goes like this ....Make a slit with sharp knife on one side of the Chilli and try to remove the seeds as many as possible. If the chillies are very hot you can boil them in hot salt water for 5minutes after removing the seeds. Now we have to prepare the stuffing.

The stuffing can be with different combination's.
1) Ajwain/Vaamu: 1 Tbsp., Sesame Seeds: 1 Tbsp., Coriander Seeds: 1Tbsp., Tamarind pulp: 1Tbsp thick pulp
2) Fried Chana Dal(Putnalu) Powder: 2Tbsp., Sesame Seeds: 1Tbsp., Jeera: 1 Tbsp. and Tamarind pulp: 1Tbsp.
3) Ajwain: 1Tbsp, Pani Puri Masala powder and Fried chana dal powder.
Choose a stuffing of your choice and make them into a thick paste. I prepared the 2nd variety which is my favorite. Take the slit mirchi, fill it with the paste and keep them aside. Now we have to prepare the top layer. Take 2 Cups of Besan add salt and Baking soda a pinch and mix with water into a thick consistency. It should feel like Dosa batter. Now heat 3-4 cups of oil in a deep frying pan. Keep the fire in medium. Dip stuffed mirchi's in the besan mixture and drop them gently into the oil. Fry till golden brown. Take them into a plate with tissue on it to absorb the extra oil. We can serve them like this with any chutneys or The special addition would be stuffing them with onions . Cut onions into really small pieces, slit the hot bajjis and stuff them with onion squeeze some lemon juice over them and serve.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Beetroot Biryani

Today I tried one more different rice variety with beetroot. I like beetroot a lot and use at least once a week in my diet. I even love the color. Beets have a lot of health benefits.They are called as blood cleansers. They are used as anti cancer agents, to reduce constipation and fever. Beets are very rich in dietary fiber, Vitamin C and Folate.
A cup of sliced beets will contain:
* Energy: 31 cal
* Carbohydrate: 8.5 g
* Dietary fiber: 1.5 g
* Folate: 53.2 µg
* Phosphorus: 32 mg
* Potassium: 259 mg
* Protein: 1.5 g

Ingredients required are
1) Beets: 2 med.
2) Basmathi Rice: 3 Cups
3) Water : 4 Cups
4) Coconut Milk: 1/2 Cup
5) Shajeera: 1/4 Tsp.
6) Cloves: 4
7) Elaichi: 2
8) Biryani Leaves: 2
9) Cinnamon: 1" piece
10) Oil: 2 Tbsp.
11) Onion: 1 med.
12) Green Chillies: 6
13) Salt to taste
Note: Serves 4 people.

And coming to the Procedure: Wash the basmati rice and soak them removing water for about 10 minutes. Cut beets into 2" pieces long. Cut onions into long pieces. In a hot pan add oil when hot add shajeera, elaichi, cloves and biryani leaves, cinnamon fry them for some time and add onions and fry till golden brown. Add slit green chillies and beet pieces, fry them for 5 minutes add salt at this point. Put basmati rice to it and then add water and coconut milk(I used canned coconut milk). Mix the mixture and keep the lid. Cook at high for 5 minutes or until you see bubbles in the rice. Now lower the heat as low as possible and cook the rice for about 15 minutes. Serve hot with Raitha or your favorite curry.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vankay/ Brinjal/ EggPlant Bajji

On a rainy day I felt like having a hot Bajji. I usually make Bajji's out of Potato, banana etc and that is usual. Today I want to try something else and tried preparing Bajji with round and small Brinjal's and it turned out Yummy. And want to share with all of you so you can make these pakora's and inspire your loved one's.

Ingredients required:

1) Small Brinjals: 3
2) Besan(Chana flour): 2 Cups
3) Red Chilli powder: 1/4 Tsp
4) Chat Masala Powder: 1/8 Tsp
5) Ginger Garlic paste: 1/4 Tsp
6) Salt to taste
7)Baking Soda: a Pinch
8) Oil to deep fry

  • Cut Brinjals into 1/2" thick roundels and keep them in salt water to prevent oxidation.
  • In a bowl add Besan, red chilli powder, chat masala, ginger garlic, baking soda and salt and mix with little water.
  • The mixture should be like thick Dosa batter.
  • Now in another bowl heat the oil.
  • Then take Brinjal pieces dip them in the above mixture and put them in oil and fry till golden brown.
  • Serve hot with Tomato Ketchup or Hot chilli sauce.